COVID-19 - We're OPEN and focused on comfort and safety!


"Jess has been my massage therapist for nearly 15 years. When MA reopened massage services after COVID, I hesitated at first. I didn’t feel comfortable indoors other than at home.


Jess respected my concerns and answered all my questions. The next month I felt ready to try.  I found that Jess has taken care of every detail to protect her clients, both in her own office and her entire building. It was an excellent experience.


Although a few months later I’m still not comfortable going inside stores, restaurants, or others' homes, I am grateful to be able to see Jess monthly.  I trust her fully and am able to relax on her table as I always have been in the past."


At Namaste Massage everyone's safety is our highest priority. We've put some important processes in place that will ensure that end to the best of our ability.


  • First and foremost, please be assured that every practitioiner in our office receives a weekly Covid test.

  • Our office is sanitized daily as well as in between appointments with clients. 

  • Our sheets are professionally laundered and sanitized by our linen company.

  • We have two high grade air cleaners that run 24/7 and all the practitioners in our office practice physical distancing, take their temperatures before starting work and wear face masks.

  • We have also temporarily closed our waiting room, so when you come in, you will be directed immediately to your treatment room.


The day before your appointment, your Massage Therapist will give you a pre-screening call to ask you some basic health questions.  They will also give you their cell phone number, remind you to wear a face mask, bring your cell phone with you and wash your hands before coming into the suite. 


On the day of your appointment, please text your Massage Therapist when you arrive in the parking lot.


They will text you back and either tell you to come on up, or ask you to wait for a few minutes while they finish sanitizing the office.


  • You must wear a face mask into the building and into our office. 

  • Once in the treatment room, your Massage Therapist will ask you the pre-screening COVID questions again and also take your temperature.  


As always, there is no fee charged if you need to cancel with short notice due to illness or emergency.  If you don't feel well, please give us a call to let us know, and definitely stay at home.


I know from my own experience that these changes can take some getting used to and can feel overwhelming.  We so appreciate your patience, loyalty and trust. We want so much for this to be a safe and successful experience for us all.