Eileen's educational background offers a unique combination of healthcare knowledge and massage therapy/wellness promotion. Her undergraduate studies were completed at Northeastern University where she majored in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine. Eileen went on to continue her studies at Springfield College where she pursued a Master's degree in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Sports Injury Prevention and Management.

Throughout her years working as an allied health care professional, Eileen realized that she wasn't fully utilizing a holistic approach to health care, so she eagerly pursued a massage therapy degree from the Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork. Now as a licensed massage therapist with over 16 years of experience, Eileen has worked on a wide range of people from those who need pain management due to chronic illness to athletes preparing for competition. While the reasons her clients seek massage therapy may vastly differ, the intent of each session is always the same – helping others strive for optimal wellness and improved quality of life, restore balance, and engage in beneficial mindfulness.

Eileen is a great resource for information in nutrition and health, as well as injury prevention and management. She thoroughly enjoys exercising and practicing yoga to help stay energized, balanced, and focused.