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Szerja Star, L.M.T. has been growing in massage therapy since 1985, in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Her many skills are geared toward massage for high maintenance people—the overwhelmed, the overactive, the underactive, the chronically ill, the injured and the baby boomers in their senior years.


Szerja’s work relieves clients’ neuromuscular and myofascial strains, pains and dysfunctions due to repetitive stress in their daily lives. Specifically, she works with complaints of stiff neck, frozen shoulder, forearm, lower back and hip problems. Her massage relieves myofascial, sinus and lymphatic congestions in the body.


Her work addresses deep tissue problems and fosters deep relaxation for the nervous system. Essential oils are tested, and clients rest with moist heat packs at the end of their session.  75 minutes is the recommended minimum time for a treatment.

All treatments are compatible with physical therapy and chiropractic therapy to augment clients’ rehabilitation from injury or joint replacement surgery.


Szerja is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She looks forward to helping clients design the best treatment plan in each session.