Change is not a linear process. For most people it doesn't happen in a moment with one decision. It happens as a process, in a cycle of waxing and waning until at last, miraculously, the body and mind make a decision and change takes hold.


For me, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle was finding some intrinsic motivation. I needed a reason so big, so internal, so important, that I was willing to go to any length to achieve the change I wanted.

My personal motivator came in the form of breast cancer. It was a shattering diagnosis; one that gave me little option but to take stock of my life and learn to cherish it as I had never done before.  When my treatment was complete my medical team talked to me about making some lifestyle changes: weight loss, regular daily exercise and stress management.  All were a means to prevent a recurrence and create a lifestyle that would support long term healing.  It was clear that I had some work to do. That was three and a half years ago.


Today I have put some self care practices in place that make me feel really good. I eat healthy foods, have learned to love vegetables, drink lots of water, meditate regularly and exercise.


I don't strive for perfection but focus on wellness, wholeness and caring for myself. 

During this process of change and self healing I went back to school to become a Functional Medicine Health Coach. I learned that lifestyle changes can not only reverse many of the diseases we see in our culture today, but can prevent them.


I also learned that making even the smallest changes can have an enormous impact on our health. Wellness is not just a destination, it's a journey made with lots of small steps, patience, understanding and self care.

If you would like to explore any of these concepts within yourself, I invite you to book a consultation. We can celebrate your successes and explore your obstacles to creating a healthier life. It's just a conversation with no shoulds or shouldn'ts.  It's all about you, your dreams and goals for a better life. Together we can figure out how to get you there one small step at a time.